Ulhasnagar residents to benefit from monorail

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The chaotic urban transport situation that the large population of commuters face while commuting to and from the suburbs might get somewhat better with the new monorail routes sanctioned by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) last year.

The former chief minister, Ashok Chavan, had given an in-principle approval to the master plan of many new monorail routes connectingseveral important parts of MMR to our suburbs.
The first phase of theproposed monorail lines will include Kalyan-Bhiwandi-Thane. The MMRDA hopes to complete it by the year 2015. The second phase will consist of two more suburban routes: the Kalyan-Ulhasnagar-Dombivli ring route and Kalyan-Mhape (Navi Mumbai).

The latter ones are expected to becompleted by the year 2021. The Kalyan-Mhape route via Shilphata will beabout 21.10 km long and the Kalyan-Ulhasnagar-Dombivli will be 26 km long whilethe Kalyan-Bhiwandi-Thane route will be 30 km in length.

Monorail systems are said to be ideal for urban congested corridors. It runs on rubber wheels and hence there is no noise pollution. Itis a feeder mode of transport to supplement the mass transport system andessentially cover routes that have little or no scope for widening.

“The monorail can ferry a large number of commuters, as compared to public buses. Population has increased besides the increased travel time due to the development and expansion of the towns, within the MMR. A rapid public transit system that includes the suburban rail system, metro trains and monorails is being thought of by the MMRDA as a futuristic option for the entire MMR,” informed a top MMRDA official, on condition of anonymity.


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