Over half of Patwari villagers take higher payout

Published on by 7bighagroup

The Greater Noida authority raced against time to hand out higher compensation cheques to more than half of the villagers in Patwari before the Allahabad High Court’s deadline for reaching an out-of-court settlement with the farmers ended on Thursday night. However, the residents of this Noida Extension village, even those who had accepted the cheques, were refusing to withdraw their petitions in court.

Last month, the court acted on a petition to reverse the land acquisition in the entire village. Pleas of other Patwari villagers are pending. By doling out higher compensation to re-acquire Patwari land, the authority hopes to set the tone for winning over the other 10 villages in the area.

But Patwari villagers seem to have other plans. Although more than 700 farmers had taken their cheques, their lawyer claimed they were not willing to withdraw their petitions. “Why should the farmers withdraw their petitions?” asked Parmendra Bhati, a farmers’ advocate.


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