NTPC ready to buy Bengal land directly

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NTPC has conveyed to the state government that it is ready to buy land directly for the proposed super critical power project in Katwa. Chairman of the central power utility Arup Roy Choudhury said that it is keen to go ahead with the project and has given a proposal to the state government for direct land purchase.

NTPC had earlier said that it requires a minimum 1,100 acres for the proposed mega power project at Katwa in Burdwan and is not keen to take possession of the 575 acres acquired for the project as the power utility felt that the quantum is not adequate for a super critical power project.

The proposed 1,600MW (800MWX2) thermal power project has already hit a land hurdle as the state government has made it clear that land will not be acquired further using the existing laws. Roy Choudhury said that NTPC will buy land from the farmers directly if the state government helps the firm. “It is immaterial who is buying. Earlier, state government had bought land for us. Now, we can buy directly if state helps us. We have full faith on the new land policy of the state government. I am optimistic about Katwa,” he added.

The NTPC chairman pointed out that it is ready to give good compensation to the land owners for the project. “We can give compensation which was given when 575 acres were acquired. It should not be a problem. We heard that farmers there are willing to sell land,” he added.

It may be noted that in super critical projects each unit has a minimum capacity of 600MW and above. Roy Choudhury had earlier said that as per thumb rule, 0.7 acres land is required for each megawatt of power for a super critical unit. “Earlier it was one acre for one megawatt but now due to technological advance the ratio is 0.7:1. It could be little less also. But for a 1,600MW unit, a minimum 1,100 acres are essential,” he added.


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