Illegal bldgs stand tall despite AMC notice

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If you want to witness the brashness with which laws are flouted with impunity visit Lakhia ni Pol in Khadia area in the walled city. Despite several notices issued by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) to demolish an illegal building, construction activity is in full swing at house number 352 and this does not seem to bother the local officials. Even 35 days after the order was issued by the AMC, no action has been taken by the civic body against the owner of the building.

The incident has a direct bearing on many illegal constructions that have sprouted in the walled city and has all the ingredients of dissolving Ahmedabad’s bid for a UNESCO world heritage city status.

The central zone office of the AMC issued notices under Section 260 of the BPMC Act after the Saudagar ni Pol building collapse incident. “We had sought police protection to demolish the illegal building in Lakhia ni Pol, but somehow we have not been able to procure one,” said a senior official in the town planning department.

More than 500 notices were issued by the AMC after the building collapse in Kalupur. “As part of the procedure, we issue notices under Section 267 of the BPMC Act to stop construction, followed by a 15-day notice to the owner informing him to take requisite permissions, and finally a notice under Section 260(1) to demolish the building in three days,” the official added.

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