Commercial real estate market open for smaller investors too

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Investing in commercial real estate particularly buying an office space or retail space is big investment. According to the several real estate market watchers from previous several months there is upsurge in demand of commercial property investment from not only Indian buyers as well as NRI investor.
As reports said that “there are very few examples of prospering commercial property market in the contemporary international real estate market except Indian commercial realty.” Reports more added that it seems the real estate market will have tremendous opportunities for the retail investors.
There are several points one should have to keep in mind while investing in commercial real estate such as -directly buy office space from a developer, buy shares of a commercial developer from the stock market, or invest in a real estate fund focused on commercial real estate.
Number of developers particularly in Mumbai like city in the contemporary market offering smaller units of space (as small as 500-1000 square feet) in Grade A buildings, whereas comparatively few years back only big investors have opportunity but there was rare opportunities to small investors to invest in commercial markets. Investors considering retail space can now consider a multitude of affordable options in free-standing high street outlets or shops in malls.
For smaller investors, it is very easy to find out tenants. And premises can also be used for business purposes by their owners. Even though in the contemporary state professionals like doctors, auditors and lawyers are buying commercial properties for investment and self use.

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