Authority can give plots to only 15 Noida villages

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Noida Authority has started acting swiftly to work out an amicable settlement between the UP government and the agitating farmers of Noida to resolve pending disputes. The Authority has identified 100 hectares of land in sectors 116, 117 and 121 that will be distributed among the villagers demanding their share of five per cent developed plots for acquisition of the land.

These 100 hectares of land will be able to meet the demands of around 15 of the 54 villages currently on warpath over greater compensation for their acquired land and resolving abadi disputes.

The Authority chairperson and CEO Balwindar Kumar has been making rounds of the villages, trying to pacify the agitating villagers who have threatened to stop construction work in Noida as well as along the Expressway in case their demands are not met. Visiting Hoshiyarpur village on Thursday, Kumar promised the villagers that the Authority will begin allocating the five per cent developed plots from next week and regularise the abadi or populated sections across Noida.

A host of development incentives like concrete roads, new sewer lines, community centres and piped water supply among other things have been promised to all the villagers as well. A detailed development plan for the same has already been worked out at an estimated cost of Rs 200 crore.

While the Authority has reiterated that it is “practically not possible” for the Authority to meet the villagers’ key demand of hiked compensation for land already acquired, it has agreed to sort out all demands of regularization and developed plots .

The villagers’ demands, though, have posed two big problems for the Authority. While vacant land is scarce, there are also not enough plots to meet the demands of all the 54 villages. Besides, regularization and distribution of developed plots in new sectors will bring along the inevitable threats of encroachment, illegal plotting and sale of land.

“We are aware that the villagers might sell off or transfer these developed plots, so we are trying to make this land non-transferable.
This, however, has not gone down well with the villagers,” Kumar said. “Some claim they might need to sell of this land for marrying their children, paying for higher studies, etc. Such points are valid, but there is not much we can do under these circumstances to ensure that any illegal plotting and transfers are done in future,” he added.

Kumar has planned on visiting and “sorting out all the grievances” of 11 villages in the next fortnight. He will be visiting Sorkha, Parthala, Aghapur, Sadarpur, Badaouli and Bakhtawarpur villages in the next couple of days.

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